Case Study — Megamas Training Company


Who They Are
Megamas Training Company is a training and consultancy company that offers Health, Safety and Environment solutions for companies that deals with the Oil and Gas industry.

Belait District,

Business Type
HSE Training & Consultancy

Establishing Visual Identity

June 2012 – September 2014


Megamas Training Company (Megamas) is well known locally, particularly in the Oil and Gas industry as “that Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) training company“. The company specialises and dominates the local Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training business for more than two decades.

The issue they had was that.

Their identity only links well with verbal mentions of “Brunei Shell Petroleum”— which is also how they happen to market themselves. There were no visuals to experience Megamas with, hence, lack of visual identity. The company didn’t stand out enough to the younger and global audience, leaving potential customers unaware of their services.

Since its establishment, Megamas practised branding by including just their logo to every materials they have produced. Their marketing and training materials was mostly out of date, doesn’t fit well with the business and very inconsistent.

The Challenge

To tackle the existing problems, below needs to be achieved:

  • It needs to reflect its quality services
  • It needs to be appealing to the younger and global audience
  • It needs to emphasise that the company also provide consultancy services besides training
  • It needs to be consistent

My first priority was to put an end to the inconsistency. I decided to build up a base brand. Something small that I could do a quick reference from — for the sake of consistency. I thought that when I start to develop things, I could add more along the way — and eventually, I will have a proper branding documentation for the staff and future in-house designers to refer to.

Below are the challenges I managed to tackle during my time as an in-house designer there:

(Click to view produced materials and its production status)

The Result

Based on the production status, I felt like I wasn’t even half way there. Most of the things ended up as drafts, eventually dusting in the harddrive instead of getting properly produced.

There are number of factors of why this feels like a halfway achievement. Below are the main reasons:

  1. Lack of resources
  2. One-man band
  3. No strategic business development/ marketing plan to push the idea globally
  4. Half of the staff takes the idea of building a brand lightly
  5. Budget cuts


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