Wirdy Hamidy is a self-taught designer and illustrator based in and around Borneo.

Wirdy crossed paths with design when she was a young college student in the little town of Huddersfield, UK. Majoring in Computing, Wirdy attempted to find her bearings with software development, but couldn’t find her center in the field. What stuck with her during her time in Huddersfield instead were her walks back to the student village after classes. During the journey, she found herself gravitating towards the posters stuck outside of club walls, marveling at their thick illustrations lines, big bold fonts, and clean layouts. Huddersfield stayed with her when she left, the same way design settled in her heart from then until now.

Although Wirdy was offered placements in several universities to advance her Design interests, that path was not meant to be. Instead, Wirdy found solace and learned from her design heroes online. In turn, she developed her skills through practise by taking whatever design-related jobs were available to her. Over the years, Wirdy has dipped her toes in iconography, information architecture, digital manipulations, illustrations, and typography. Her love for these practises has also opened doors for her interest in user interface and web design, and bred her obsession towards alignments and visual balancing, which became a core to her design approach.

Wirdy’s perspective in design relies on simplicity, but she also holds the belief that good design grows and evolve. Her philosophy is that design should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As of 2017, she presents her work under the moniker of ‘Hudds’ — after the little town where she discovered her love for design.



Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Photoshop

Digital Manipulation, Iconography, Illustration, Information Architecture, Typography



Frontend Web Design

Resume available upon request